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Turquoise: The Lucky Stone

Written By Allison Prater | For thousands of years, Turquoise spanned all cultures, prized as a symbol… [read more]

Turquoise: The Lucky Stone Turquoise: The Lucky Stone


It Has Amazing Things to Say Written By June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR | When you’re experiencing… [read more]


Understanding Synchronicity

Written By Andy Drymalski, EdD | Synchronicity is a concept developed by the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl… [read more]

Understanding Synchronicity Understanding Synchronicity

Enhancing Your Immune System For Better Health

Written By Dr. Tony Jensen It’s that time of the year, when your immune system is kicking into overdrive.… [read more]

Enhancing Your Immune System For Better Health Enhancing Your Immune System For Better Health

Dangerous Virus Defense

Written By Michael Gerber, MD, HMD | Ebola and Others With Ebola virus in the news, along with… [read more]

Dangerous Virus Defense Dangerous Virus Defense

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Written By Allison Prater | Petroselinum crispum, or Parsley, is a member of the family Apiaceae. It is native to the central Mediterranean region of southern Italy, Algeria and Tunisia. It has … [Read More...]

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The Science Behind The Secret

Decoding the Law of Attraction By Travis S. Taylor, Ph.D. Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt, PLR | If you’ve been reading about and following the Law of … [Read More...]

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The Most Powerful Drug Used By Mankind

By Tonda Adams, JD, CCHT “One great use of words is to hide our thoughts.” -Voltaire Words can create a feeling of euphoria or can cause a feeling of devastation. They can bring a country together or to its knees. Words can even put you in a trance. One definition of the word, ‘word,’ is […]


Sleep – A Spiritual Path

Written by Dr. James Rouse, Naturopathic Doctor Perhaps you can relate to this: when I miss out on a good night of sleep, the next day I live, move and think from a place of scarcity rather than abundance – I’m impacted on every level, including spiritually. Millions of us are awake when we should […]

Information on how to support a healthy, happy pregnancy

Natural Support for a Healthy Pregnancy

Written By Allison Prater | Nurture is a new department for HB Magazine! Over the next 12 months, Allison Prater will cover topics ranging from prenatal health to simplicity parenting. We hope you enjoy the first installment of this exciting new series… Pregnancy is one of the most amazing transformations that we as women get […]


Natural Ways to Ease Chronic Constipation

by Jamie Agee | It can be a natural foodie’s nightmare—the holidays offer an excuse for many to over-indulge in sweets, treats and everything else they try to avoid in the months leading up to the tumultuous trifecta of October, November and December. Not only will it weigh on your waistline, but the often unavoidable […]


Classic Pilates:

What’s the Difference? By Kimberly A. Lenzi, Ph.D. Pilates, named after Joseph Hubertus Pilates, has become a mainstream international fitness program and a household word within the last ten years. When Joseph died in 1967, the exercise method was just beginning to gain popularity. Until then, the Pilates Method, which at that time was called […]

CHRONIC DEHYDRATION Part 4: Choices that lead us astray

Written By JeanAnn Fitzgerald | Avoiding Salt  Headline hype persuades us that salt is a demon. Believing this is another of the lifestyle choices that can lead to dehydration. The Department of Agriculture dietary guidelines consider salt to be Public Enemy number one, coming before fats, sugars and alcohol. The director of the Centers for Disease […]


Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore | Is there an optimal time to use feng shui? Yes, when you are selecting a home or business site, or choosing land to build on; whether it is a home, business or large scale development. Why? Selecting a property with excellent outside form allows you the greatest opportunity for success. […]


CURAMIN: Say…Bye Bye to Inflammation and Pain

Ouch! We have all experienced pain. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, pain is the primary reason why people seek the advice of health professionals, and it is also the number one reason people use alternative medicine. Pain occurs when nerve […]


A Rational Look at Declawing: Part 1

There are many myths, misunderstandings and strong opinions about declawing. If you are considering having this surgery done on your cat, or if your veterinarian has suggested it, please take a few minutes to learn about this major surgical procedure before you make a decision. Declawing is not a routine surgery and should never be […]

Supplements for Diabetes

by Robert Rand | Diabetes is a huge problem in the United States, effecting MILLIONS. Today, young children are getting the disease at staggering rates. The fact is, there are personal choices we can make to change this decline in health and healthy, natural ways to alleviate all ready existing diabetes. Most have what is […]